Presents: Liftdry™

A new product for skiers and hikers handmade 100% in Washington State.

  • Fits comfortably inside your outer pant insulating against a cold chair or snowmobile seat.
  • Ideal for skiers, snow boarders, snowmobilers, snow bikers, dirt bikers, snow and ice climbers, fishermen and of course hikers.
  • Dry and comfy wicking fleece on the inside, flexible and waterproof vinyl coated polyester on the shell side.
  • Nunatak exclusive uni-point attachment is a rotating hook that attaches easily to your pant's hem or snow pant's inner tag.
  • Easy to use, lightweight at sub 4 ounces equates to maximum mobility skiing down or in the uptrack.
  • Lifetime warranty for materials and craftsmanship.
  • Never have a moist or cold bottom while sitting on the lift seat or on your sled or bike.
  • Order Here and now!

Photos of the Liftdry ™ another original Tom Halpin design, founder and creator of Nunatak .

  Inquire for wholesale accounts, pro deals for ski patrollers, professional rescuers and guides call us at 509-341-4792
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Payment and ordering: You can send a check or bitcoin to the below address:

160 T/W Eastisde Rd. Twisp WA 98856

Bitcoin wallet addres -- 1414sR5uQKNpvXvhFsw7NNysnqQb51bqmF


We began in 1999 in our tiny basement in west Seattle, and for many seasons outfitted hikers and adventurists with the best quality down quilts and jackets. We began a new adventure and now our premium down gear is made in Utah. Here is a link to NUNATAK'S DOWN GEAR, the place to go to get the best made in the USA down gear!

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